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[sticky post] Sticky Post Is Oh So Sticky

This Journal Is "Friends Only" (and Inactive)

For all intents and purposes, this is a dead journal, so I'm no longer adding anyone new to my contact list here. I was originally going to delete this journal altogether, but I eventually thought better of it and decided to just leave it here for archival purposes instead. (I have a way of burning bridges only to realize I really need something I left behind once it's too late.) Also I sometimes get the urge to check in on old friends on the rare occasion they cross my mind and are actually still posting.

If you're an old friend of mine wondering where you can find me these days, please know that I won't be coming back to LiveJournal to actually post anymore. I've tried several times over the years to force myself, but it's just not the same with so few people actually coming here themselves. However, all of the social media links on my profile are up to date and the accounts behind them are active. You are free to catch up with me at any one of those places whenever you wish. See you on the flip side and thanks for the memories. This place was fun while it lasted.

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