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I'm a freelance writer, journalist, critic, and artist from California. (Yes, actually. As in I earn my living doing those things.) When I'm not in front of one of my various screens either writing or reading, I'm probably studying something random, cooking, gaming, or simply hanging out with my fiancé (who also just so happens to be my best friend).

I'm a really chill, excessively introverted person that appreciates simple pleasures. I'm all about being creative, being curious, and learning for its own sake. I'm also proud to be someone that speaks her mind and is unabashedly true to herself regardless of what other people may think. My outspoken nature either sits right with you or it doesn't and I legitimately don't care which it is.

My LiveJournal is private, but I am generally open to adding new people if we've interacted elsewhere on the site, know each other offline, or have mutual friends. Assuming I don't just plain dislike you, that is. If you're nervous that you might be on my dislike list for whatever reason, cheer up. You can always simply embrace your stalkerhood full-scale and creep the public profiles and blogs I also keep. Or you can finally grow up and get a life. Totally up to you, of course.

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